Our Ethanol Production

EPEC is seeking to become one of the world’s largest producers of ethanol by operating a network of our own proprietary farm-based ethanol production facilities on “host farms” throughout the country, as well as manufacturing and servicing modular ethanol production equipment for distribution around the world.

Most of the ethanol today is produced in large facilities from corn. The facilities take many years to plan, design, permit, and construct. Corn to ethanol is an inefficient process and uses an excessive amount of energy, water, fertilizer, and transportation. Corn is a starch and first needs to be converted to a simple sugar, adding significant energy input, cost and complexity to the process.

Our ethanol production is based on a network of farm-based Ethanol Production Units (EPU’s), rather than a single large production facility. Our EPU’s are designed to be more cost efficient and allow us to enter the market at a fraction of the time it would take other industry participants. In fact, the modular EPU is designed so that when delivery of an EPU is properly coordinated with the host farmer’s harvest schedule, EPEC can commence ethanol production within days of delivery of the EPU equipment to the site.

By using sweet sorghum instead of corn, EPEC has created a model for cost effective ethanol production. EPEC’s ethanol production happens right on the farm using the juice from the “Sweet Sorghum” crop. The sugar saturated juice from the sorghum stalk is directly processed, minimizing transportation costs, reducing water and energy usage and waste.


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