Our Mission:

  • To revolutionize ethanol production from sweet sorghum feedstock creating the largest distributed ethanol production enterprise in North America.
  • To become the premier supplier of farm-integrated ethanol production equipment and services world-wide.

Our Vision:

  • Within the next decade, production of ethanol and other bio-fuels has the potential to contribute to achieving complete energy independence for the United States.

Strategic Advantages:

Our focus on sweet sorghum and our business model for farm-integrated ethanol production provides our company with many inherent benefits and strategic advantages.

    Benefits of Farm-Integrated Production Facilities:

  • Low cost entry into the marketplace
  • Low cost ethanol production
  • No inbound feedstock transportation costs
  • Low cost outbound ethanol transportation costs
  • No added strain on current transportation infrastructure
  • Multiple production facilities across diverse geographic territories
  • Creation of jobs especially in rural communities
  • Higher value by-products through direct use or permaculture concepts
    Benefits of Using Sweet Sorghum:
  • Low cost feedstock
  • Minimal fossil fuel consumed by the process
  • Higher ethanol yield per acre of crop land
  • Grows on marginal land with less irrigation and fertilizer
  • No adverse impact on the food supply
  • No input cost exposure from the commodity markets

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