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Leading the revolution to ethanol production from sweet sorghum…

EPEC Biofuels Holdings, Inc. ("EPEC"), is a development stage company formed to play a leading role in the emerging "green economy." The Company's objective is to capitalize on the untapped potential of ethanol production utilizing sweet sorghum, not Corn.

By using sweet sorghum, a sugar rich crop for feedstock, the Company will be able to bypass the expensive and energy consuming processes that are required to produce ethanol from a starch feedstock such as corn. There are numerous reasons and inherent properties that make sweet sorghum a far more desirable feedstock than corn, including its growth cycle and yield per acre. Thus we seek to produce ethanol at a fraction of the cost, using significantly less energy input, resulting in ethanol production that is an order of magnitude more attractive both economically and environmentally.

Dr. Ismail Dweikat, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, was quoted in a July 2008 Ethanol Producer Magazine article, stating that: "It [Sweet Sorghum] is the only crop that can save the United States."

In sum, our focus on sweet sorghum and our business model for farm-integrated ethanol production provides our company with many inherent benefits and strategic advantages. As EPEC is one of the first companies seeking to bring small farm ethanol production to market, our business model, patents and other intellectual property will help us to achieve and maintain a leadership position in revolutionizing the production of ethanol in the U.S. and around the world -- as we move away from corn, toward sweet sorghum and as we move away from large and inefficient processing facilities, to integrated small farm modular production units.


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