Vinasse - The Vinasse is viscous mixture of protein, minerals and vitamins. The Vinasse can be used directly by the local farmers as fertilizer or animal feed. The Vinasse can be processed for further commercial use and longer shelf life, based on local market needs.

Bagasse - The stalks of the Sweet Sorghum, known as Bagasse, are used to provide heat for the process and can also be mixed into the Vinasse to add fiber to the mixture when used for animal feed. Work has begun on using the Bagasse to produce a bio-diesel product through a parallel processing concept. In addition, in the future, as cellulostic ethanol production technology become commercially viable, the Bagasse can be used as cellulostic feedstock, significantly increasing the ethanol production of the existing facilities.

CO2 - The CO2 captured during fermentation is also a valuable by-product that can be sold into the local beverage and dry ice markets, used for vegetable and fruit storage as well as many other uses.


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